How thorough are the investigations?

Be careful who you select, because there are virtually


for mold investigators! There are, of course, many reasons why we think we're the best. However, even if you never choose us for a mold investigation, we recommend you ask the following questions of any investigation:

What are your qualifications for performing mold investigations?

(Each of us has a related doctoral degree, full professor status, and over 25 years of experience in the field).

Do you combine investigations with remediation?

(This combination could lead to a conflict of interest during the investigation. The temptation is too great to "find mold" if it leads to a remediation contract.)

How many samples per room do you take?

(Don't settle for just a few air samples! In a typical 3-bedroom home, we would normally take 30-50 samples, but there is no limit on our number of samples depending on your needs. One price includes all of our testing. Our primary concern is with accuracy, and we typically take many more samples than our competitors. We take viable as well as non-viable samples along with as many surface/bulk samples as needed.)